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[Recipe] Banana Kale Smoothie

On March 24, 2018 By

Bananas and kale? Yes! This may be the simplest recipe we’ve ever posted, brought to you by the good people at


2 ripe Bananas
1 cup Kale leaves, stems removed
1 cup non-dairy milk (or regular milk if you prefer)


Place everything in a blender and process until completely […]

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This is your opportunity! Community FoodBank is again accepting applications for volunteers. Frankly, most volunteers find it so rewarding to pitch in fighting hunger that the chance to join in doesn’t come up that often. But right now, your contributions of time and talent are welcome and needed.

Become part of the team that […]

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Tomatoes and volunteers

On March 16, 2018 By


More specifically, grape tomatoes. These bite-sized treats are headed out the doors at Community FoodBank this week. Volunteers from the San Benito High School life skills class and the county probation department bagged up 2,500 pounds of them to share. They’re great in salads, or halved and quickly sauteed with a bit of […]

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For our neighbors in San Juan Bautista, if you’re in need of food, look for the Food Bank truck on Thursdays from 9am-10am in the gravel parking lot next to the soccer field and San Juan School. Questions? Interested in signing up? Please call our office at (831) 637-0340.

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Next time you’re driving in or out of town be sure to take a look at Community FoodBank’s building! The new sign is clearly visible from Highway 25! Logo design is courtesy of Schipper Design and the sign is from ASAP Signs.


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[Recipe] Hasselback Potatoes

On March 10, 2018 By

Spuds, Spuds, Spuds!

Community FoodBank just landed 5,200 pounds of beautiful, Idaho potatoes. Actually, that’s a misnomer, indicating a type of potato. The large potatoes, often tipping the scales at a couple of pounds, sport a rough, brown or russeted skin. They’re the ones that bake up fluffy and light. These hail from the […]

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Pet food?

On March 3, 2018 By

Pet food?

You bet! Community FoodBank is committed to the nutrition of every member of the family! Thanks to a relationship that operations lead Randall Martin cultivated with The Food Bank for Monterey County, we are able to feed Fido and Fifi. It’s partnerships like this with other food banks, producers and farmers that […]

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When life gives you lemons

On March 2, 2018 By

When life gives you lemons …
Don’t make lemonade. Make happy! The fine folks at Coke Farm stocked FoodBank with a glistening pile of lemons, and not just any lemons but Meyer lemons! In case you haven’t yet had the experience, Meyers are a rare citrus treat. On the rare occasions that you […]

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[Recipe] Butternut Squash Soup

On February 17, 2018 By

Butternut Squash is perhaps best known as the backbone for a most satisfying bowl of soup. This version comes to us from for time? Notice that this one comes together in just two steps!

6 tablespoons chopped onion
4 tablespoons margarine or butter
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Butternut squash for the win

On February 16, 2018 By

Bob and Carol Swanson, the same people who brought us spaghetti squash last week, donated almost 4,000 pounds of butternut squash for this week’s Community FoodBank market basket.

This dense, sweet winter squash is great roasted or steamed. Mark Paxton reports “it’s my secret standin for pumpkin in “pumpkin” pie and it gets great […]

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