Mary Anne Hughes, Executive Director
Community Food Bank of San Benito County

The mission of the Community Food Bank of SBC is to provide food, nutritional education and advocacy for those in need within San Benito County through partner agencies and direct distribution.

The goal of the Community Food Bank is to alleviate hunger and malnutrition in San Benito County.

What this mission statement means to me is that it is our responsibility to help our neighbors who are in need. While of course we are primarily committed to distributing food; we know that hunger does not happen in a vacuum. Something has happened to bring them to this point.

Many of our clients are dealing with job loss or a reduction in hours available to them to work; with disability and reductions in services; with illness and no medical insurance; with wounded pride and frustration at not being able to provide as they always have and with intense family stress.

Our advocacy includes, providing help with SNAP (formerly Food Stamps) and other applications and, referrals to the county and other organizations for rental, heat, and electric assistance. We can help with clothing and household needs from our Thrift Shop as well.

Our nutrition classes help educate those who may be living with diabetes, obesity or other illness to understand the need to cook and eat carefully to maintain their health.

All these things are why we have become a Food Bank and not only a Pantry Brown Bag Program. We are trying to serve not just the hunger but whole person/family. And why we are constantly looking for partners in our mission to bring pantries and our services to locations nearer to where our Clients live.

Mary Anne Hughes is Executive Director, Community Food Bank of San Benito County.

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