Did you know?  March is National Nutrition Month.  “Enjoy your food, but eat less” – this is the message that the USDA is promoting with their “What’s On My Plate?” campaign during the month of March.  Does the logo here look familiar?  Take note and you’ll soon see it pop up regularly.  The USDA has adopted this logo as a reminder to help Americans take notice and be aware of what is on their breakfast, lunch, and dinner plates and to enjoy their food, but to eat less of it!  You can read more about this campaign on the USDA’s website at www.ChooseMyPlate.gov.  As March kicks off we are all encouraged to turn to our own social media pages and share a post of what is on our plates!  Community Food Bank of San Benito County is committed to providing healthy foods to our members and to working with our local schools to provide healthy foods to our kids; however without support and teaching from home kids are statistically more likely to choose less healthy foods.  So during this month won’t you join us?  Take a minute, post a picture of what’s on your plate!!  Talk to your kids and promote those healthy foods and healthy serving sizes for you and for your family!  What’s on your plate??

Mary Anne Hughes is Executive Director, Community Food Bank of San Benito County.

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