It is that time of year – the Hollister Farmer’s Market is back downtown providing us with fresh and healthy foods, kids are itching to be out of school and they will be in the next few weeks, and the sun is teasing us with summer with her appearance every now and again.  Along with these great things we, here at the Food Bank, also see some challenges.  Food donations are down during this time of year and families with children who are on school breakfast and lunch programs begin to worry about how they will make it through the summer and be able to feed everyone.

Saturday, May 12th is the National Letter Carrier’s Food Drive – they do this each year and are an amazing group of people – just think of all the extra work they put in collecting food from each house in our community – and all you need to do it put a bag of food by your mail box.  The letter carriers collect all these bags of food and deliver them to the Food Bank – it is an amazing feat and one that goes on all over the nation.

We need your help!

This food drive, along with other community donations will help us to help these families through the summer and help take one worry off of their plate.

Don’t forget!!

Mary Anne Hughes is Executive Director, Community Food Bank of San Benito County.

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