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As you may already know, a shutdown of the federal government took effect on October 1st, and most federal government operations are currently at a halt. The USDA’s contingency plan for the shutdown can be found here:

As mentioned in the USDA plan, SNAP/CalFresh households will still receive monthly benefits for October. Regarding The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP), we have received assurances from the California Department of Social Services that FFY 2013 third and fourth quarter TEFAP administrative funds will be available regardless of a federal government shutdown. However, while the federal government is shut down, no FFY 2014 TEFAP administrative funds will be available.

For FFY 2013 – April – June billed and paid – – July – September quarter we are billing now of course is not yet paid.
We have been awarded $44,150 in TEFAP funds for this FFY 2014 begins Oct 1. Will we get them? Who knows.

Our conversation with the USDA Food Delivery side is even a bit more nebulous. We did get this month’s food delivery yesterday. However while they have a quarter’s worth of food in storage for delivery our contact there says there are fewer people working there each day. They are supported by some state and some federal funds. So while the food is available there may be no one to deliver it if this goes for a month or more we may not be reimbursed for all the expenses incurred to handle, store and deliver tis food.

Letters, announcing reductions in SNAP benefits have just gone out to our clients effective October 1st. For example one mother with 3 children was just told her allotment went from $200 a month to $155. The reductions seem to be $11.00 per person across the board. With the cut in SNAP benefits just announced we will see many of our clients here more often and likely see a spike. This will of course strain us but we feel we can handle this in the short term. We have been at higher levels before and we can do it again! If the SNAP program doesn’t correct or even gets interrupted then we will really have a huge problem!

Community Food Bank’s mission is to provide food, nutritional education and advocacy for our neighbors in need within San Benito County.


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