According to our state’s Employment Development Department, San Benito County continues to experience a high unemployment rate; 9.9% in November 2013. As we all know, unemployment conditions play an active part in other social conditions within our community. Here at Food Bank, we hope to share this information about legislative action that you can encourage our elected representatives to take to help provide relief.

San Benito County residents can take action on this by helping encourage our congressional representatives to make this their first order of business when they return to work in January. Here’s the how and why of it, via the Coalition on Human Needs:

The impact on people and on the economy is in this new Huffington Post piece by Deborah Weinstein:

Mary Lowe of Ironton, Ohio, was laid off in February 2013 — the first time in 31 years she hadn’t been working…

Ms. Lowe described her federal Emergency Unemployment Compensation benefits of $325 a week as a lifeline for her family. Their daughter Sophie will turn three in February. Her husband, who had sold his music business, had a stroke a few weeks ago. Her unemployment check is the only source of income right now that has allowed them to keep the home they saved for 10 years to purchase. But she is losing that income after December 28 because Congress failed to renew the federal unemployment insurance program (UI) before it left for the holiday recess.

Read the full piece.

Members of Congress can undo this damage in January

Members of Congress can undo this damage in January when they return – if constituents demand it. Please stand with millions of unemployed people and their families by speaking out. Two easy ways:

1. Send emails to your Senators and Representative. Just click and send.

2. Or call your Senators and Representative toll-free: 1-888-245-0215
You’ll be connected to the U.S. Capitol switchboard. Tell them your Representative’s name, and then call back and ask for each of your Senators, and they’ll connect you to those offices. Tell them:

Please renew federal unemployment insurance as soon as you return in January, and make it retroactive to undo the harm inflicted on 1.3 million long-term jobless workers. Congress has never turned its back on the jobless while there were so many long-term unemployed. Please make this your first order of business.

More info on finding out who your Representative and who your Senators are

Don’t know your Representative’s name? Go here, and enter your zip code, top right. For your Senators, go here and select your state, top right.

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