Sleep more, eat healthier, and meditate—we have all heard these tips before. In an ideal world, I’m sure everyone would love to clock in the recommended amount of sleep each night, eat well and be Zen in all aspects of life.

But, these are all easier said than done. When real-life comes along, these goals often go unachieved. So without further ado, here are 5 easy-to-incorporate ways to get more energy.

1.     Drink ½ of a bottle of water upon waking and ½ of a bottle 2 hours before bed.

Being hydrated is extremely important. Everyone knows this. Over and over again, research shows that dehydration has detrimental effects on your health. In theory, it’s as simple as choosing to drink up. The problem? Drinking a lot of water leads to a lot of bathroom breaks. No matter what your lifestyle is, odds are having to constantly use the restroom is simply not convenient and often becomes a hassle, especially while juggling other tasks.

The solution? Beginning and ending each day with at least a half of 20 oz. bottle of water. Of course, this should not be the only water consumed! This is in addition to as much water as you can realistically and conveniently drink. If nothing else, doing this each morning and evening is super refreshing! Squeezing in some lemon juice and cooling the water makes this routine even better.

2.     Aim for One Piece of Fruit before Breakfast and One Serving Of Veggies before Dinner.

Sometimes, for whatever reason, you cannot eat the recommended amount of vegetables each day. That is okay. This goal is more about energy levels and how your body feels than anything else and if you can work in any fruits and veggies—which are full of fiber, in addition to lots of other vitamins and minerals—it can perk up your energy levels.

Eating a piece of fruit prior to whatever you eat for breakfast is a good way to start your day, since you are “getting off on the right foot”, so to speak. Similarly, one serving of veggies before dinner (even if it is not the healthiest meal), can help your body to refuel with the right nutrients. Of course, the more healthily you eat, the better you will feel, but this should be the bare minimum.

 3.     For Every Cup of Coffee You Drink, Drink a Cup of Water (Or Opt for Tea Instead!)

Coffee is the king of the “pick-me-up” world. But it is also extremely dehydrating and is often coupled with sugar and creams (which lead to unnecessary calories). Needless to say, this leads to a post-coffee crash, which is essentially as un-energized as you can possibly be. To counteract the side effects of dehydration, drink an equivalent amount of water for each cup of coffee you drink.

If you are looking to kick your coffee habit, teas—especially herbal—are an alternative that many people enjoy, as they have many delicious and unique flavors available. Personally, I prefer green tea with a bit of coconut oil (which I mention often, since I am a coconut oil convert) and a big part of weaning myself off of coffee was replacing specifics within my routine, so that I didn’t feel as though I was missing out.


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4.     Limit Your Food Intake After (-) O’clock.

The exact time will vary depending on your personal lifestyle, but it is a good rule of thumb to not eat at least two hours before bedtime. Since you will be sleeping—not exactly running a marathon, in terms of calorie-burning—any food you consume after dinner will most likely be “extra” snacking. Believe me, once you get into the habit—and then have a day where you break the habit—you will feel very sluggish the next morning comparatively. This can help you to understand the benefits that this habit offers.

5.     Try to Always Have a “Power Snack” on Hand.

Whether it is Greek yogurt, a handful of almonds or any other nutritious pick-me-up, it is important to provide “fuel” for your body when you need it. Sometimes when you are busy running around, you do not have the time to stop and eat a proper meal. But food provides the body with the calories it needs (duh), so when you are exhausted, refueling is necessary.

Again, convenience is a huge factor is making healthy choices and having a healthy snack on hand can be a game-changer.

What do you do when you are looking to reenergize? Any tips or tricks to perk up your energy levels?

Bree Steinbronn

Bree Steinbronn is a Bay Area native who enjoys hiking, drinking green tea and going on as many adventures as she possibly can.


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