August 24: Local contractor Kelvin Malko and warehouse manager Randall Martin hoist a rack into place for installation in Community FoodBank’s new warehouse area on Thursday.

FoodBank’s complete makeover continues to make its way toward completion, and if the daily phone calls and questions — “is it done yet?” — are any indication, the community is eager to see the results.

Let’s just say we’re 85 percent of the way home. There are some furnishings on order for the retail area, and a lot of paint needs to be splashed around. For one thing, the exterior of the building remains untouched. Then there’s landscaping (hint: plans call for something called “foodscaping”), some more furniture, and a host of other details to attend to.

But rest assured, when it’s all wrapped up, Community FoodBank will be throwing open its doors for an open house like no other. It’s going to be a month or two yet, but you’ll certainly know about it when it’s time. We are as excited as anyone about this, and we can hardly wait to share what is sure to become a new model for food banks everywhere when it’s done!

Mark Paxton is director of community engagement and fund development at Community FoodBank. In his spare time, he enjoys being outdoors with his wife, Mary. They are the parents of two daughters and live in Hollister.

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