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Sometimes the simplest of gestures can have meaning far beyond words. I arrived for work last Tuesday morning to find the messages pictured above written on the whiteboard in our conference/break room. As I stood reading each entry, my eyes began to flood with tears. If you don’t know the personal stories of the […]

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The buck stops here!

Meet our Finance Committee: Keith Schwehr, Chair, Rob Blatter, and Ken Wratten. Every month these dedicated professionals comb through financial and budget reports. They provide an eagle eye on fiscal decisions and direction. The finance committee is responsible for reviewing Community FoodBank’s budget, performance against the budget, financial needs and […]

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A year-end letter from Maria Thomas, Community FoodBank CEO

View the full-size letter here

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On May 21st, Sarah Nordwick, our Board Chair, and I had the privilege of attending an all-expense paid trip to Sacramento to the California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) Rural and Remote Food Bank Capacity Building Initiative Conference. We participated in a day chock full of seminars and activities all aimed […]

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If the sole purpose of a food bank is to temporarily satisfy hunger, then a drive-thru line waiting for their hand out of a box of food would serve just fine. If the greatest need that a food bank meets is to distribute food, then send us the “Harvest Food Box” and we will diligently […]

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California Association of Food Banks (CAFB) has chosen Community FoodBank to participate in their Rural and Remote Food Bank Capacity Building Initiative for 2018. The Initiative sprung from a 2017 needs assessment project conducted by University of California Nutrition Policy Institute, to understand the unique challenges of funding and operating a food bank […]

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How does that saying go “if you haven’t seen Community FoodBank lately, you haven’t seen Community FoodBank”?  

2017 came to a close wrapped up like a beautiful Christmas package.  We transformed our newly purchased building from an aging, shabby warehouse to a modern, energy efficient showcase, all without incurring any debt.  Every interior […]

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4 Things We Love

On February 14, 2017 By

1. Neighbors Helping Neighbors
That’s not just our motto, that’s how we keep our doors open! Every day neighbors stop by with food donations, or call in to schedule volunteer projects, or send donation checks in the mail. The community response to the flooding on Lover’s Lane shows a real life example of neighbors […]

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4 Reasons to Give a Year-End Gift to Community FoodBank

1. Community FoodBank is remarkably efficient with its funds.

Community FoodBank boasts an incredible 97.5% program expense percentage. This means that for every $1.00 that the Food Bank receives, it spends 97.5¢ on food programs. And this isn’t just their opinion. This is certified […]

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Every Day is Thanksgiving Day at the Food Bank

Every day we are thankful for our generous supporters

who donate produce, groceries, supplies, and money

to keep our programs operating all year long.
Every day we are thankful for our faithful volunteers

who freely give their time and energy

to […]

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