Students and families pose for photo inside Enterprise Martial Arts studio in Hollister, California

This evening we visited the fantastic students and their families at Enterprise Academy Of Martial Arts in Hollister to see the 60 baskets of food they’ve worked to prepare for donation to the food bank.

Each year, Community FoodBank’s holiday food drive seeks donations of canned goods and other non-perishable food and we are fortunate to partner with our neighbors. This year has been no exception, and this year brought a different ‘spin’ to the scene of giving in San Benito County. In talking with Mark Preader of Enterprise Martial Arts, we learned that their students held a kick-a-thon event in October for the purpose of raising funds for Community Foodbank. After raising $2000.00 during the kick-a-thon, they went grocery shopping at local stores and bought enough groceries to donate food for a meal for a family of four for the holidays. What makes their efforts even more inspiring, is their choice to use laundry baskets to deliver the food! So, not only was a family meal provided, but also a laundry basket — something anybody and everybody can use.

Laundry baskets filled with canned goods and dried foods

And don’t forget about the turkeys. They bought frozen turkeys for each one of those baskets, too.

Local community spirit in action!

Community Food Bank’s mission is to provide food, nutritional education and advocacy for our neighbors in need within San Benito County.


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