Flyer advertising Spring on the Farm Open House

JSM Organics (strawberries!) and Monkeyflower Farms (cheese!).

Other regenerative farms open this spring include Monkeyflower Ranch, just a mile away from JSM Organics, which offers a Spring Open House the same afternoon.

“The role of the farmer protecting our natural resources is absolutely something that we always have in mind, especially organic growers. As an organic grower we have to make sure the soil gets fed, not just mined and used. Feeding the soil is something that we rely heavily on—cover cropping, using compost, and trying to reduce the damage that we’re doing. It needs to be here for future generations, and we need to make sure we do our part. It’s important for us to make sure the organic matter builds up. We try to control any kind of leaching or erosion, especially here where we farm on hills. Use it, feed it, leave it better than what you found when you started. That’s our job for future generations to come,” said Javier Zamora.

Find more info on the farm websites:

Quote source: Edible Monterey Bay

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