Wells Fargo volunteers pose for photo at at Food Bank of San Benito County

Volunteers from Wells Fargo rally in the lobby of Community FoodBank before starting their Dedicated Day of Service

We had a wonderful morning with Wells Fargo’s volunteer team. On Friday, September 20th, local bankers formed an assembly line inside of the warehouse here at the food bank, and went to work filling red mesh bags with nutritious snack-sized foods. It was Wells Fargo’s corporate Dedicated Day of Service and they chose to come to Community FoodBank and fill backpack food bags that benefit local elementary school students. See more photos in the gallery, below.

The group of enthusiastic volunteers varied in number, between 10 and 15, as some started off the morning and then others came in later and relieved each other from duty or just to take a break. 

“We’re ready to go and we’re so happy to be here!”
Terrie Fuentes, Vice President/District Manager at Wells Fargo

With our stock of backpack bags replenished, we are ready to continue working alongside the Hollister School District and help them serve approximately 600 students per month. Thank you, Wells Fargo — thank you, team!

Wells Fargo volunteers replenish backpack food bags

An assembly line of Wells Fargo volunteers in the background, with the fruits of their labor – filled backpack food bags for students – packed into boxes in the foreground

About Wells Fargo Dedicated Day of Service

Wells Fargo has a long legacy of serving and supporting communities, and we have long been one of the most generous corporate foundations in the U.S. The company, through its business and the Wells Fargo Foundation, uses its resources and expertise to solve complex societal problems and pave a path to stability and financial success for underserved communities.

The Dedicated Day of Service was held during Wells Fargo’s Community Support Campaign, which occurs every September and encourages team members to give back — with their time and money — to causes they care about.

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Photo Gallery

Community Food Bank’s mission is to provide food, nutritional education and advocacy for our neighbors in need within San Benito County.


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